Rhino.Inside on macOS

Just wondering if there are any plans to update Rhino.Inside to .NET Core such that it would run on macOS? I see that the github repository has no updates for 4 years, which doesn’t bode well for Rhino on Mac.

Hey @William_Nash,

No, there is no Rhino.Inside support for Rhino for Mac yet. It’s something we’d like to do, eventually. But we have no timeline for doing this.

— Dale

@William_Nash what application are you interested in getting Rhino.Inside to work in on Mac?

Hi Steve, my understanding is that hops doesn’t work without a windows server, so I am wondering how hard it would be to upgrade the applications in turn.

That’s good; Hops is where we will put our initial effort as building a version of Rhino.Inside that doesn’t support any user interface is an easier problem to solve than a full user interface version.


I’d also love to see Rhino.Inside on Mac so I can run my unit tests on mac :slight_smile:

I’d really like to upgrade this library to do win/mac 7/8 and net48/net7.0

– cs

Hi @stevebaer or @AndyPayne, can you give me some guidance?

Should I replace RhinoCommon with Rhino3dm in the nuget dependencies? Rhinocommon was built with net48 whereas Rhino3dm is net7.

Resolver.cs has a FindRhinoSystemDirectory() method that uses the windows registry to return the path of CoreDllPath - what would be the equivalent on macOS? I note that in my windows registry there is no key value, perhaps it is not required.

Would you recommend building for .NET 8 or .NET 7?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I’m confused. Is this question regarding Rhino.Iniside on Mac? We don’t have a Rhino.Inside for Mac yet.

Yes, I guess I can’t compile it myself from the Rhino.Inside repository?

Compute.Geometry is already in net7, it just needs a small update to target osx.

I see. Rhino.Inside as a technology currently does not work on Mac. We (as in McNeel) will need to adjust how Rhino itself works.

OK, understood, I hoped it could be completed quickly, but I guess it is probably a Rhino 9 or 10 update.

Well we hope sooner than Rhino 9, but we really won’t know until we start working on the project. At the moment we are focused on Rhino 8 bugs before moving on to new features like support for Rhino.Inside.