Rhino hangs on Searching for embedded files

Hi Guys
This topic of embedded files is driving me crazy. I do not understand why we need to do it if you have your maps on your HD. I guess it is good when you transfer a file to a teammate,
Well, that is exactly my problem, When I open a file from my teammate, Rhino hangs searching for the embedded file. But I do not need the maps, I need the geometry.
Is there a solution for this? Can I tell Rhino not to look for the maps?


To be honest, I’m not sure if the issue is related to the embedded file of the “Error: Missing patches” I’m having all the time I’m trying to open a teammate scene. We do a lot of collaboration and I need to open their scenes. They are using Rhino 7 and I’m using Rhino 8.

NoBueno.txt (388.4 KB)
I Audit the 3dm file