Rhino for Mac & Zoo 6


We are an office with a mac server. This server has bootcamp and runs its windows partition using Parallels. Zoo 6 is running on this computer.

We are all connected by wires, and all running on mac with bootcamp and parallels. We have a Rhino 5 Windows license registered on the zoo and no problem to run it on any computer.
We just bought 1 license of Rhino for mac, registered it on the Zoo but we we try to use the license on any computer (Network Node - we add the same zoo server name as for Rhino for windows, let’s say it is called “blabla”), it is saying “Unable to find the zoo server “blabla””, whereas if we try to run the Rhino windows on the same computer it can find the zoo server.

Any idea on this problem ?



Hi Catherine,

If you run ZooAdmin.exe on your Zoo server, is “blabla” displayed in the title bar or some other host name? For example, here is what is display in ZooAdmin running here.

Also, you can specify the Zoo server name by IP address.

Does this help?

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Dear dale,

It works perfect with the IP Adress.
Thanks a lot !


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