Rhino crashes when I use 'Custom' Direction with the SectionTool

Hi all,
I use Rhino since recently and for one of my project I have to do multiple sections with very different directions. I was planning to use the SectionTool plugin, but today I am having issues, almost every time I ‘StCreate’ an I want a different direction than the original one, I am using the ‘Direction’ > ‘Custom’ (i use to give a diection a polyline at heigh 0) and then when the plugin is trying to create the section, it crashes…
Did it occures for anybody else ?Do you have any idea where this can come from?

Welcome @felix.bourgeau
Please view these guidelines to provide more information.

Please post your file and indicate the direction of the section that is crashing.
Also, let us know the version of SectionTools you are using and the Rhino version as well.

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