Rhino Compute Help File to Update

No bug, just a stale help file.

Rhino Compute guides,
Rhino - Compute Guides (rhino3d.com)
links to
Rhino - Calling Compute with .NET (rhino3d.com)

This appears to need a refresh, starting with the tools:

which according to that page has been deprecated.

@AndyPayne @stevebaer

This documentation is still outdated.

The Github README (mcneel/compute.rhino3d: REST geometry server based on RhinoCommon and headless Rhino (github.com)) links to Rhino - Running and Debugging Compute Locally (rhino3d.com) which links to RhinoCompute.cs ( compute.rhino3d.com/sdk/csharp.
Once you click onto the RhinoCompute.cs you get

  "message": "This server has been turned off", 
  "documentation_url": "https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/compute/"

Where can I get the current version of the RhinoCompute.cs file? I am still using an old version of the RhinoCompute.cs file and wanted to update the compute server and the RhinoCompute file.

Thanks for your assistance :pray:

Thank you for reporting this. I have created a YT issue for this item.

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@AndyPayne I am currently in the process of updating an old applications using .NET Framework to recent .NET. The application makes use of Rhino.Compute and the call to compute doesn’t work yet.

The documentation is not updated yet, that’s why I am asking directly.
In the screenshot, bottom part, I am using the “old” Rhino.Compute with Rhino 7 (also with my upgraded application). For the client code I adapted the “old” RhinoCompute.cs so it works with HttpClient. On top is Rhino.Compute using the “8” branch from Github.

I adapted the Port (old one uses 8081, new one uses 5000 by default), but the server doesn’t do anything. Client side it fails due to timeout. I do get an error if I use a port not “existing”, so that shouldn’t be the reason.

Are you aware of any breaking changes from Rhino.Compute 7 to 8 that could be the reason for issue?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

If you’re building from source, I don’t think you need to change any of the ports, etc. Also, I’m a little confused why you have one console showing the compute.geometry.exe and another console showing the rhino.compute.exe. These should run in the same process? If you build the entire solution, then you should just need to launch the rhino.compute.exe which would in turn then launch the compute.geometry.exe.
As for the error message, I might start by searching for the guid listed in the error (“1d0cd9ff…”) in your source code just to see which component is failing.