Rhino ART Courses - Covid 19 Situation

Hello, I’ve been talking with Jody and Jackie from North and South American Regions about Rhino ART courses that were upcoming this year. I’ve been told that because of the Covid-19 situation, North American Region is scheduling an Online ART course in November, but as it is intended only for that region, South American Region is still uncovered.

I was wondering if there were any plans of giving Online ART Courses in all regions, as it would be really helpful for those of us who live far from the usual training locations, to be able attend to the course without having to fly such long distances (I am currently living in Argentina, which is 4700 miles from Florida).

In case it is not a priority, which I completely understand, I wondered if there could be made an exception for this particular case, so North American Region Course could be accessible despite being in another region (as long as there is still a seat available, of course).

Best Regards,
Gonzalo Szechter.

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I don’t think the people that need to see this will find this message here.

Each McNeel Region is run very independently so a message to Jody for North America, Jackie for Latin America, or Delia for Europe would probably get more attention.

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Each region runs independently is that means they are being given limited support from McNeel headquarters?

No, not at all.
All the regions work together for developing shared training materials, tests, and the like.
Each region setups up and schedules their own training and testing.

For example, Seattle, Barcelona, and Miami all use the same training materials, but each region schedules, arranges for, and conducts that actual training independently.
Seattle does not schedule classes for Barcelona.

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Thank you for reply, John.
Does McNeal have offical department in China?

Seattle Sales works as the coordinator for Asia.
Here’s a link to the China Sales page:

Maybe this is the link you’ve been seeking:

Hello John, Jackie wrote me an email today telling me it has been solved so I was able to successfully register for the ART course.

Thank you very much for your concern.

Best Regards.