Rhino Account - Logout button

Why isn’t there a “Logout” button on this page?

Why do I first have to go to “View and edit your account details”, then click on my account picture in the upper right?

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Checking with Brian…


If you were to logout here, would you expect to only be logging out of the Rhino website, or would you expect to be logging out across all McNeel properties (Rhino Accounts, Discourse, etc) in your browser?

Well as it says in big, bold letters at the top - “My Account”… I would assume it would log me out of… my account.

How is that actually different from hitting the “View and edit your account details” link and then clicking on your avatar? What kind of additional info does that give the user about where to go to log out?

There’s absolutely no information given to the user on that first page that they have to click that link first in order to log out. None on the next page actually either , you just have to figure that out yourself by clicking on your avatar.

Also on the first page you do have a little round version of your avatar to the right of the “my account” link. When you hover over the avatar the link lights up, and you see this tooltip (the little hand cursor does not record in the screenshot):


If you click the picture, you get… nothing. Except a little “chat” icon which disappears and then pops back up in the lower right corner… Chat and mouse?

I’m not trying to argue with you. I’m just trying to figure out what you’re expecting.

I logged https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/WWW-1394

Agree with this user. Not having a log out button it very weird. I kept clicking on the account link and nothing happened. And to be clear, I expect the logout button to log me out of the site.


Still no way to logout? Why?

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Good question…

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This navigation still deeply confuses me. Though you do get used to it once you figured out how it works.

I’d like to log out of my account on the Rhino website too, how do I do this ? There is no ‘logout’ button? I have 2 licenses which are assigned to different email addresses, can anyone enlighten me how to 'logout '?

Go th the main rhino3d.com site, and in the upper right hand corner, click on the “my account” link. Then hit “View and edit your account details”. You will then see your avatar in the upper right hand conner, click on that and choose “Logout”.

I have no idea why there isn’t a “logout” choice directly under the “my account” link on the main page - seems completely unintuitive and convoluted to have to find this path in order to log out.


Thank You sooo much