Rhino 8 on Windows 10: Rhino encountered a problem and needs to close


I just downloaded the Testversion of Rhino 8 and unfortunely had to find out that it seems not to work on my laptop, even though my system meets the minimum requirements. When I open Rhino everything seems to work fine but as soon as I click on any tool like point, line, circle or whatever, it crashes and sends the error report.

RhinoCrashDump.zip (9.3 MB)

Laptop is HP EliteBook 820 G2
1TB Western Digital SSD

Everything I’ve tried so far didn’t work. I need Rhino for my architecture studies and therefore need to find a way to make it work. Thank you in advance for your help

Before it crashes, try running the SystemInfo command and copy/paste the results here.

Hi Melanie - that machine seems not to meet the specs for grapics:


I would at least make sure the drivers are the latest available. You may be able to set the slider for Open GL in Options > View > OpenGL page to the left and get something that works.


It works, now I can use the tools :slight_smile:
Thank you