Rhino 8 + GH Player/Script compiler error messages, can we improve?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been working on a crashing issue with my plugin KaroroCAD, which is written in GH and compiled into a plugin using the script complier. This works somewhat like a command running from GH player but is kept alive/running on a headless GH and has its own UI.

I’ve had issues with the custom made WebView based UI crashing in Rhino 8, details are on this thread:

What I’ve managed to figure out is that the error message “An error occurred in the display pipeline” in the Rhino terminal is (in the case of GH Player style commands) just a general “An error occurred in Grasshopper” message.

This not actually a display pipeline issue, its more that as GH injects its output INTO the display pipeline and that’s where errors get sent.

Could I ask for three things:

1/ These errors actually reference as coming from GH, not just the display pipe line, I was honestly looking for display pipeline errors - display components, materials components etc etc, none of which was actually the issue.

2/ Can the GUID of the component that raised the error be advised in the error message - my plugin is 8800+ GH components - it would help a massive amount to know where to look.

3/ Can I have control over these errors being sent to the RH terminal - for testing they can be useful, but for production I’d rather be able to log them to a txt file than pipe them to the end user. Sometimes they are not that important/mission critical - no need to scare the users.



Hi Guys,

Bringing this back to top to hope to get some discussion on the topic.

I’ve got another wish list here too.

I’ve got a little issue in my source code I want to track down, and I get this error code:

I would LOVE to be able to copy the component GUID to the clip board so I can find it within my 8800 component definition.