Rhino 8 Crash with gh/python3 pytorch model evaluation

I am experiencing a consistent fatal crash when trying to evaluate a pytorch model. I am able to install pytorch successfully and use a pretrained model for evaluation inside of grasshopper (amazing!), however after closing and reopening rhino, any attempt to evaluate the model instantly crashes rhino and grasshopper.

I can get the evaluation working again if I completely reset the python runtime and do a fresh pytorch install again in grasshopper, but I cannot close the file without repeating this process.

Interestingly, other torch operations seem to still work without crashing rhino. It seems to only be the model evaluation piece that causes the crash.

@eirannejad is this something you could test?

gh_surrogate_crash.zip (532.5 KB)

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Absolutely. Thanks a lot for providing a test example. I’ll get this tested and will figure out why it crashes. Is this on macOS or Windows?


Rhino 8.3 RC does not crash and I think has a fix for this. I opened Rhino multiple times, opened the rhino file and Grasshopper definition and it is running perfectly fine. 8.3 RC should be out today so I’d appreciate if you can test it as well.

BTW do you mind if I keep this example as part of my unit tests to make sure pytorch is working?

Hi @eirannejad, thanks for testing! I am on windows.

I will update to 8.3 and respond here if I have any more issues. I am fine with you keeping the file for unit testing.

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