Rhino 8 and VM Ware

Since many years my teaching-Setting is a Intel-Macbook-Pro.
I have two educational licences and I run Rhino 7 on both sides Mac os x and Windows.
I think it s very demanding to teach in a beginners class with both systems.

Rhino 5 and 6 worked great under VM Ware
Rhino 7 somehow needed much more resources to run in VMWare
Rhino WIP 8 - I don t get it to work, not showing any geometry.

I totally accept that Rhino WIP 8 is not officially supported to run with VM Ware, and for sure this is not a set up for everyday and demanding work. But for teaching or fast testing of Bugs etc… the set up is great.

What s the plan ?
Any tips to get a minimum performance version of Rhino WIP 8 to run under VM Ware ?


the following setting s give a minimal starting point - at least geometry is showing and camera-navigation works acceptalble :wink:
RhinoOptions.OpenGL.MajorVersion = 4
RhinoOptions.OpenGL.Antialiasmode = 0
RhionOptions.OpenGL.UseTesselationShaders = False

@curtisw are you still running on VMWare or Parallels when debugging Rhino 8?

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I’m using Parallels for debugging purposes (previously on Intel hardware, now on Apple M2 Max). I have not tried VMWare for a while. Parallels only has OpenGL 3.3 support, however. It does show geometry, rendered mode, etc. and appears pretty zippy (for small files).