Rhino 7 Sketch question!

I recently tried a Huion on Rhino which works nicely but will take time before I adapt and work as fast as using a mouse.

However, sketching turns to be very interesting and quite satisfying. However I want to ask if there is such feature so as when I draw a curve and switching to a different plane to automatically adjust the points of the last curve I drew (or selectively) while still in sketching mode?

Hi Nick -

You can’t edit a curve that is drawn while still in sketching mode but you can draw the next curve on a different plane without having to exit sketching mode. If you use the OneView mode, you have access to the 3 world planes and any named CPlane that you have created.

I see that this works a bit unexpectedly (to me) in that the new curve uses the active CPlane but only for local X,Y. The Z value for the next curve is taken from the start point of previous curve. I didn’t find any complaints about that behavior, so that might be as requested.

Thanks @wim, I see what you mean now. strange behavior but interesting tip nevertheless