Rhino 7 license

Currently I am looking into purchasing Rhino and using Twinmotion together with it. Twinmotion, however, is only compatible with Rhino 7. Is it possible to use Rhino 7 with a new Rhino 8 license, even if you’ve never owned a Rhino license before?

Very curious for the answer.

Nanne Knijff

Good question!

The owner of a Rhino 8 new (not upgrade) commercial or educational license can obtain a Rhino 7 license at no charge. No requirement to own a license of a previous version of Rhino. The Rhino 7 license is not available with the free Rhino 8 evaluation license,

The Rhino 8 and Rhino 7 licenses can be used at the same time on the same computer, but cannot be used at the same time on different computers.

Just to clarify that point a bit.
The requirement is actually that the Rhino 8 license is a NEW one, that is, NOT an upgrade from a previous version.

My post above was updated to clarify.

The requirement that the Rhino 8 license be new, not an upgrade, was eliminated several months ago. Rhino v6 to v7 - #5 by Helvetosaur

I updated my post above because it is still being read.