Rhino 6 for Mac & Dark Mode

Is it possible to change the colors on these borders?

No, it’s not possible to change them as a user. It looks like a bug we’ll need to fix. Thanks for point it out (I actually hadn’t noticed). Logged in:

RH-56458 Dark Mode: Viewport borders are wrong color

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@dan please note another bug I experienced when I was trying out dark mode: the pop-up menu showed up with light background + dark-mode icons and it was impossible to see some of the icons. I don’t have a screenshot now since I’m using the hack from @Pedro_Varela: dark-mode on MacOS - light-mode on Rhino

About the icons re-design - we all appreciate this is not an easy task and it’s something that requires diligent work. I suggest studying Apple and Adobe environments and extracting working guidelines there. I personally find their interfaces very comfortable and I’m sure they’ve invested a lot of time in graphic development and user testing.

Hi -

Which Rhino version did you try this with?

Which pop-up was this?

I’m currently running Version 6 (6.21.19349.01012, 2019-12-15). I recall running 1 update after the initial installation, so it would have been the version prior to the one I have.

The pop-up menu is the one you normally trigger with the middle button.

Hi - that one seems fine in dark mode here:

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Ok then, it may have been fixed with the update, unless it was a problem specific to my Mac. Thanks.

This “Gray.app” did it for me (GitHub - zenangst/Gray: Tailor your macOS Mojave experience), making Rhino work in classic grey while the rest of the Mac UI remains in dark mode.
I just love the grey Rhino UI, its like coming home.