Rhino 6 Command Line Autofilling History


This is the first time I’ve posted in this forum so please bare with me as I don’t know if it’s been asked a million times. Also, I may not use technical terms here.

In Rhino 5, when you typed a command, Rhino would sort of remember that you used the command, and autofill your results with what you used last.
For example, typing “Line” once, next time you type in “L”, it fills in “Line” for you.

In Rhino 6, it just autofills alphabetically.
For example, typing in “L” will autofill “Lasso”. Even if you’ve used “Line” a million times.

I know this can be solved with Aliases, BUT I’m wondering if there’s a way to set Rhino 6 to act like the old functionality.

Thanks in advance for any insight you have on this!

Hello - is the setting in Options > Appearance > ‘Use fuzzy autocomplete’ checked?


Thanks for your quick response! Yes, those are both checked. Are those new?

Hello - Those are not new, but Fuzzy autocomplete has to be checked for this smart remembering feature to work. I see that the memory was shortened some in V6 though - does it not work at all for you? For example, typing ‘Li’ after using Line a few times, does it not offer Line as the first candidate?



I just tried doing “Line” or “Li” or “Lin” a bunch of times and each time I type in “L” it autocompletes “Lasso”.

Hello - here this is the same in V5 - but if I type ‘Li’ I get Line and not Libraries… do you see that?


Oh interesting. It does autocomplete “Line” when I do “Li”. I see Libraries is the alphabetical one though.
I would’ve sworn in V5 I typed in “L” for line though and not “Li”. I don’t remember having to type in “Li” but maybe I did?

Yeah, I think that is all correct - it has been made ‘weaker’ in V6, some users complained…


I see. Good to know! Thanks so much for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

Did the users complain about the V5 functionality or the ‘weaker’ V6 autocomplete? I’m all in favor of making it the same as in V5. It’s even one of the main reasons for me to keep using V5 most of the times, because I’m able to work faster with a ‘stronger’ autocomplete.

@pascal, typing “L” should start autocompleting to “Line” if you type and run the command successfully a few times. Canceling a command does not count.

There was one recent change that did affect some commands: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-33194. That makes the popularity sorting only kick in if there are less than 20 candidates on the autocomplete list. For example commands starting with “co” are affected by this. I don’t think there have been other related changes for a very long time, like nearly a decade.

I now increased the limit from 20 candidates to 100 candidates. That should make the sorter work on all normal commands: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-48589

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Thanks. You really have to draw a line to that command become a standard on L.