Rhino 5 upgrade to 7

I just bought an upgrade for my Rhino(s) 5(i have both windows and Mac) but there is only Rhino 7 for Windows on site. Is it possible that i miss something? i’ve just be able to download upgrade for Rhino 7 for Windows and according to the site, i have to buy a new license for my Rhino 7 for mac .
So my question is: what i have to do to upgrade my Rhino 5 for mac to Rhino 7 for Mac? Do i have to purchase a new upgrade or buy a new license or my actual(upgrade for Rhino 7) purchase works for both versions?
Thanks to all

You can download the mac version here: https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/7/latest

The license is cross platform and will work for both.



Thanks a lot Keith! I will follow the link you gave me.

Is this true? I bought Rhino5 for Windows while in school, the Mac version was still in beta. Now I’m tired of running through virtual machine on my Mac. Rhino7 trial is running great natively on MacOS. I thought that I could only upgrade my Rhino5 for Windows to Rhino7 for Windows but if I wanted a Mac version I’d have to buy a new license completely. Apparently they were originally being treated as two different products. Was there a change or did I misunderstand something? Can someone from McNeel weight in on this topic?

Hello - this is a regular upgrade, you do not need to start from scratch.