Rhino 5 upgrade to 7

I just bought an upgrade for my Rhino(s) 5(i have both windows and Mac) but there is only Rhino 7 for Windows on site. Is it possible that i miss something? i’ve just be able to download upgrade for Rhino 7 for Windows and according to the site, i have to buy a new license for my Rhino 7 for mac .
So my question is: what i have to do to upgrade my Rhino 5 for mac to Rhino 7 for Mac? Do i have to purchase a new upgrade or buy a new license or my actual(upgrade for Rhino 7) purchase works for both versions?
Thanks to all

You can download the mac version here: https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/7/latest

The license is cross platform and will work for both.


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Thanks a lot Keith! I will follow the link you gave me.