Rhino 5 and 6 on same computer

Hi. I am giving a try to R6. I still have my payed version V5 (working on a Mac).

I noticed that the display shows a different wireframe and curves thickness aspect on 6.
I mean they use the same input number on thickness, but I perceive the lines on 6 much thinner.
Might have to do with the retina display compatibility on rhino 6. I am setting the values in order to get a little bit thicker lines on 6 (I wear glasses and my sight needs a little bit of help).
When I change values on 6 and return to 5 all the lines in 5 are updated too.

Are settings on two versions connected? Are they picking the values from the same file?
How can avoid that?
On one hand I like my middle mouse menu keeps on 6, since I personalised. But when it comes to lines thickness I would like to have different settings on 6.

Thanks , Did anyone deal with this?

Yes on the first half of your post: line quality/thickness differential between v5 and v6 on MacOS. Additionally, for me, it was machine specific as well. 5K iMacs were fine (perception) between v5 and v6 with same default Display Modes settings. MacPro with 3rd party 32" 4k set scaled, not fine - very poor line quality default setttings. The fix was to bump up line thickness as you’ve discovered.

Regarding your primary question: I don’t know about separate com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist files, but if not feasible, what you could do is simply make two Display Modes named Wireframe v5, Wireframe v6, etc., configured appropriately.

In my case, it’s time to commit to v6 in production. Can always go back to v5 if necessary, which I’ll assume will be minimal, if ever…

For reference:

Thanks a lot, I think I will go for the two display modes.
Sounds like the way to do it.

All the best.