Rhino 5/6 and Gaming Laptops/Razer Blade

I have Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4 which have 12 hours battery life and as I am a programmer and designer myself, this Lappy works like a charm for me and it is the gaming laptop under $500. My opinion is the best low price laptop for gaming and designing working purpose.

Want this.
GTX1070, 6core CPU and 4K with 10hr battery.

bit skeptical about the battery… but still, best package seen yet.

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Has anyone used lenovo P70 series. Any thoughts?

Different models of ThinkPad P70 have different graphics performance because they have different graphics cards.

In the last 3 years there was no progress in the CPU speed. At the same time the graphics cards grew in size. New graphics cards seem to be faster than old graphics cards because they are bigger - they have more CUDA processing cores.

The ThinkPads are best laptops because they have good cooling, good keyboard, and they are built like tanks. Dell Precision laptops are second best - they also have good cooling, but are fragile.

Moore’s Law is dead:

what you guy think of this