Rheotomic surface


i’d like make Rheotomic surface like this video

i got Rheotomic tool but it’s a plane surfaceRheotomic_Surfaces 0501.gh (34.3 KB)

so I need a stacked, repetitive surface.

i think i need to extract domain and u,v line on existing surfaces
or using contour

I appreciate any way that is similar to that video

You need to change the option to streamlines like this Rheotomic_Surfaces_helicoids.gh (31.1 KB)

Thanks daniel

i’ll use this for architecture plan ,but there is an inappropriate part.
each floor is separated

i think this mirrored stuff can be better
in this case for a smooth connection, part of the top and bottom of the green line should be cut and connected using weaverbird subdivision

How to classify and select green lines?