Revit inside Rhino not working in Revit 2020

Hi, I have both Revit 2020 and 2021 installed on a work laptop. Revit inside Rhino works fine with the 2021 version, but the tab doesn’t show up in the 2020 version. This wouldn’t be an issue normally, but I’m using 2020 for this project specifically as it is what the team is using (unsure of the reason.) Either way, is there anything I can do? I have very limited ability to modify or otherwise alter files due to this being a work-provided laptop, and that I haven’t been given admin privileges.

It sounds like a failed install.

Have the Admin use Add and Remove programs and remove the current Rhino.Inside install, then update your Rhino (always good to do), then install Rhino.Inside.Revit. When first opening it will give the typical ‘do you want to load this plugin always’, say yes.

that seems to have worked. thank you!

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