Reupload effects on API

I am a grasshopper designer in the company and we are going to use the Shapediver tool to integrate a well-developed API on the company’s website. Since our grasshopper script will continuously be updated once in every weeks and therefore, will be re-uploaded on shapediver, I would like to know how much does it affect the API developer and what process can we follow to minimize the work?
Thank you.

To start with, decide which of the embedding options suits your project the best. iFrame is easier to implement, direct embedding gives a lot more flexibility to build custom applications.

Every time you re-upload Grasshopper model to ShapeDiver a new public link, embed code and ticket for direct embedding is generated. This is current limitation of the platform and we are already working on improvements which will be released next year. In the meantime, you need to update

These CodePen examples can give you and your team better idea how to implement ShapeDiver to your website successfully.

Versioning in ShapeDiver is not possible yet and we are working on this but for now, give your files matching names with models on the platform with a date tag, for example “201009_model”. This helps you to keep your project organised.

If you intend to build a custom UI, establish naming conventions for inputs (sliders, toggles, text, image or geometry inputs) and outputs (display or data output, export) at the beginning of your project and keep the names in your Grasshopper model unique, consistent and understandable. This will make life of your web developers lot easier.

If parameter structures in your model are quite complex it’s a good idea to work with JSON objects. See more in these video tutorials:

Also, check the productivity tips to make your work more efficient: