Retrieve element's unjoin geometry

Hi there,

Just wondering if there’s a way to retrieve element’s unjoin geometry,
mainly structural beam and column?
(sort of like query a wall and Exclude windows and doors)

Its what you see is what you get in this case. The Element Solid doesn’t have multiple states (joined/unjoined) at the same time.

So what if there are beam geometry like this (1 brep but 2 solid)?
Should I deconstruct brep and then brep join to make them valid?

It hard to give a good answer without additional information. Can you post a small example of the condition in Revit? Thanks.

It seems like you would change the structural priority for the cleanup.

Hi @Japhy
Here’s the file I made.

BEAM JOIN GEO.rvt (1.5 MB)

In this case you can get a bounding box of the Element, using the element plane ensures non-xy oriented beam get output correctly.

Here I used simple rectangular as beam profile,

But for future cases, like say different shape (I-beam, or rounded) then bounding box won’t be satisfied.

You’ll need to split or unjoin your Revit Elements then.