Retrieve all items individually from a tree

I am constructing some simple assemblies. In the screen shot below, I am rotating 5 pieces of geometry, the extracting each item from the output tree using 5 individual “Tree Item” components. I pass on to the output and use the other 4 to perform another rotation. Then extract the 3 resulting geometries using 3 more “Tree Item” components. Pass one to the output, then use the other 2 to perform another rotation. Is there a component that will output all the individual items at once?

Thanks in advance for any recommendation.

Can you just use list item?


Actually it appears that List Item can be made to work. You can expand the component to increase the number of outputs. So for my case with 5 items, set the index to 0 and the outputs are i, +1, +2, +3 and +4 as shown below:

Yes, that was what I was suggesting…