Reset several gumballs

I have a bunch of objects that were created on an incline, and gumball picked it up and nicely aligned with them, and I could slide them around as desired – but later, I copied these objects and rotated them all, and now the gumballs for the copies are all inclined:

I went to select a bunch of them to run gumballreset, but of course that makes a different gumball for the selection

so is there a way besides scripting (or just doing them all one by one) to reset the gumball for multiple objects? tried enabling auto reset and making a sacrificial move, but that just acts on the gumball for the selection as well, and the gumball state for each object survives

maybe making an alias for the reset gumball for a quicker use?

I use this and F key for gumballRelocate under aliases

Hi @jdhill,

Do you need to reset them, or just get them all pointing the same way? If the latter then instead of resetting them, use the Align to World option on any instance of them and they will all align to World.

If you need them all pointing at a common angle, create a CPlane at that angle and use Align to CPlane.


thanks guys, but I was mainly trying to avoid having to select them all one by one, however it seems the gumball state is fragile enough that saving & reopening the file did the trick, at least in this instance

You might want to reread my post!

I didn’t want to switch gumball alignment mode, I just wanted to reset state for some subset of objects