Reset grasshopper on mac?

Is there a way to reset grasshopper to it’s initial state? (without resetting the rhino .plist)

for whatever reason, when i open/create a new .gh, the preview colors are opaque pink instead of the ghosted red…
i’m able to change the setting nearer the way it used to open but i’d rather just have the files open normally again… (but i’m unable to, as far as i know, change the color then make that my default setting).

so it’s two questions-
as of the latest release…
can i reset?
can i save (personal) default color schemes?

@jeff_hammond, the default preferences for new documents are not accessible via the UI at the moment because it is incomplete:
Eventually, you will go to Preferences and have the chance to change the default document template and the open document preferences.

In the meantime, from the GH Application menu, go to File > Special Folders > Settings Folder:

With this directory open in Finder, now go back and close Rhino / GH. Open up grasshopper_kernel.xml and look for:

Go ahead and edit the color values (ARGB) to your desired default colors. When you open Grasshopper the next time, every new definition will take on these colors.

Is that what you were looking for?

In any case, for some reason, GH on Mac is taking on some strange default colors over the well known Red / Green defaults. I’ll log it just in case:

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In addition to editing the xml values by hand, you can also delete the entire xml node (i.e. everything between <item name=...> and </item>) or even the entire grasshopper_kernel.xml file to revert back to factory defaults.


yes. thank you.

that said, since i can do @DavidRutten’s solution of reverting to factory, i think i’ll go with that for now and wait for further development of the port until i start considering changing defaults to personal tastes.

thanks for the assistance guys.
it’s much appreciated.