Requests subdivision modeling, hinge from edge tool and show cage over smooth model

4 requests:
1.Hinge from edge tool (Select a poly then an edge, extrudes and rotates at the same time, extremely valuable)
2. Show cage over smooth model (Tab is not cutting it)
3. Ability to set smooth on or off per viewport (Tab is not cutting it)
4. Reflect on off instead of “remove”, and reflect apply changes to reflect side on or off. These should be toggles. And if we remove reflect we have to reset the axis and choose a side to act on I think reflect needs toggles this is too restrictive.

Max image of Hinge and show cage:

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1- Is this what you’re asking for? I used the Gumball and Ctrl to relocate it and then again after beginning the rotation of the faces.

2- Is filed as RH-58328 for future reference, this won’t be happening soon due to technical factors.
3- Filed as, thanks.
4- Thanks for the request, I don’t think the way Reflect works now will make this possible however I filed which is a request to reuse the last used symmetry plane which should help speed up removing and reinstating Reflect.

I think he wants this effect:

Ah, perhaps, yes. Thanks for showing that too.

Nope that’s not what I am asking for.

Hi @BrianJ,

In 3dsMax they have a hinge from edge that quickly allows one to bring the edges to a different rotation angle without having to extrude move and rotate, It also allows one to do this smoother and with less errors and steps than is currently possible in Rhino.

It’s explained in this video at the time 3:15 but the link might take you to that time if not scroll to the time 3:15 to see the hinge tool in action.

I like the reflect tool just wish it had more options. I find having to remove symmetry has it’s caveats. If the object gets symmetry removed, sometimes I find it difficult to match the older symmetry’s axis location when one goes to reapply symmetry. Can we have a “use last axis option” when we re-apply symmetry to an object that formerly had symmetry. This would make it much easier in many cases.

Also thanks for your amazing work on the sds tools in Rhino.

Thanks for the extra info on Hinge. Nothing like that is in the works to my knowledge in the Rhino WIP. It seems like one of those poly modeling modifiers that could be useful on Rhino SubD if Rhino was more modifier based. There’s a lot there in the workflow that is very Max like and Rhino doesn’t have the same style of workflow so a lot would have to change to make a feature like this I think.

For this type of form in a more controlled way than I showed with the Gumball, I would use either SubDSweep1 or Revolve with SubD output. I prefer the sweep method which will let you change the section count along the rail curve and doesn’t create the face overlap that Revolve can in this case.

Bridge to another floating SubD face/plane would be another possibility too and you wouldn’t have to delete the face first.

Regrading Reflect and using the last symmetry plane, I filed that as


Hi @BrianJ,

Thanks for taking a look at this. I like the bridge example as it’s more like auto modeling. Can we make that into some sort of rhino hinge tool and have the auto floating face be part of the command?

I like the sweep and revolve example too and that’s what I am also doing currently but I would prefer a more direct approach like the bridge example you posted, it would be great to have all of that folded into a command.

Thanks for taking the effort to understand and for your examples those should be tagged and put in the help file and thanks for putting the last used axis request on the wish pile.

Hi RM,

I think this open feature request would help you guide the bridge using curves. I think it’s what you’re after…

Hi Brian,
Taking a look now. I’m currently using both the methods you posted as workarounds.
Thanks for your awesome work on the sds, I know we keep saying that.

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