Request snap to inflection point

Hi All,
Many times I want to split curves using inflection points and would love having the option to snap in this points.
Some time ago someone shared a scrip that creates points on the curves that then can be used as split points or as references, but may be someone else likes the idea of this new feature…

About as close as you can get now, is to use the CurvatureGraph command to get close.

Once CurvatureGraph is showing on an object, you can use the command ExtractCurvatureGraph to extract the curve and intersect it with the original to get inflection points (assuming the curve is 2D).



Good call

One more way is to run _Curvature. The inflections points can be snapped to and extracted using the _MarkCurvature=Yes option.


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Thanks for all the tips!
a lot of options I didn’t know about :slight_smile: