Replace line with curve

Hello, I am trying to replace the lines with a curved line to give a smooth look. I try to use the command project but with unsuccessful results. Can someone help me?

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use 'project curve", use one of your straight lines as the base curve, and then map the curve you want onto the line. note that project curve sometimes only scales properly in one direction, i.e., x, so you may have to scale the other dimension before projecting. This can be a very powerful, and underappreciated, way to get a great effect out of simple lines.

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You didn’t internalise your base surface…
3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files
If you have a gh file you have a question about, attach it to the post. Do not expect that people will recreate a file based on a screen-shot because that’s a lot of pointless work. It’s also a good idea to remove everything non-essential from a gh file. You can use the Internalise Data menu option to cut everything to the left of a parameter:

Anyway, check attachment. (14.5 KB)

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Thanks alot!