Request: project curve as geodesic line

Hello Devs,
I will have a request. If it is be possible to project acurve on a surface and mesh its highly appreciated.

Also if we can move geodesic lines before creating it would be so good as well
Thank you

Hello - can you please post an example or a bit more of an explanation of what you are asking? Project works to project curves onto surfaces or meshes - I am not sure where the geodesic comes in.


Since a geodesic curve represents in a sense the closest path between two points on a surface, you can move it by simply displacing its defining end points. This would be displacing it “before creating it”.

Hello diff-arch
I mean it would be better if we can displace it by hand preserving parallelism against the old position momentarily.

Can’t that be done by using something like OffsetCrvOnSrf?

Never tried. I will try it thank you.