Replace indeces from data branch, based on branch number

Dear community
I need a little help.

I try to replace the indecees into a data branch with the text of the exact data branch number coming from another list and this for all the valid data branch of the list. (44.9 KB)

I can’t find the solution. Any advice?
Thanks and best regards

Hi @mbbm.rvg,

Not shure if I understood your question, but maybe this can help you finding the answer. (45.9 KB)

Hi Erik, thanks for the help.

no, I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated.
I’ll try to explain again.
All indices that contain the coordinates of each valid data branch, should be replaced with the date contained in the other list that has the same branch number.
The “invalid” data branch without any index must remain.

with Longest List (54.7 KB)

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