Repeating random reduce in sets

Hey folks,
I’m very close to figuring out a bit of a challenge with random reduce on a facade, but I’m not too good with repeating things to multiple sets.

To start, I have a facade made up of X rows and Y columns. To start, I have 12 rows, 53 columns. Each column is it’s own set, numbered 0 to 11.
I then did a quick and easy graph mapper to tell me how many panels in each column to delete, giving me a sort of gradient with a view to getting a sort of fade-effect across the facade. It’s giving me 53 values between 0 and 11 which all sounds great, and in line with my thinking. But now I’m stuck in how to apply this list of 53 “quantities to random reduce” to the 53 “column sets of 12”.

I have a feeling this should be really simple. Can I do this with repeat data?

Thanks in advance!
2024.04.29 Facade Division Study (22.7 KB)

it needed a simple graft to make each reduction applied per tree branch
also, the list of reduction was one element too large, so i eliminated 1. see notes in the file
2024.04.29 Facade Division Study 02[fixed].gh (21.4 KB)

if you want to reduce per column as opposed to per row, a simple flip matrix and an adjustments of values should do the trick
2024.04.29 Facade Division Study 02[flipped matrix].gh (27.5 KB)

Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated!

That’s basically the same result I was getting, but not what I’m trying to achieve. What I’m trying to do is that in each set(i.e., column) of 12 panels, X random panels would be culled with random reduce, where X is taken from that graph mapper result. So in theory, the “fade” effect should be something like this:

Then in theory, i should be able to change the random seed and it would pick a different panel (or number of panels) in each column.

Haven’t looked at your code but “random reduce in sets” is a good description of this method of producing gradient points:

your illustration seems close to this
random gradient (12.3 KB)

you have a slider to control the randomness,
and another one to control the proportion of green/gray panels