Repair Bad Mesh

Hello forum, looking for ways to repair a bad mesh object imported from a SketchUp model, its the cushioned part to a seat. Is there a method to repair it, if so how ?
If its not repairable what’s the best tools/commands to re- model it inside Rhino ?
(model attached) , tia :grin:Bad Mesh .3dm (435.8 KB)

Hello - Check does not mind this mesh too much - it finds it valid but with some self-intersecting faces. That is one thing that is hard to locate and fix in Rhino 6, better in 7. It is certainly not very ‘nice’ in how the faces are arranged - if you fire up the WIP you can try QuadRemesh on this - setting a target edge length of 5 seems to do a decent job.


thanks Pascal, its better, but still a little messy, have managed to remodel it myself. I’ve set myself a challenge of remodelling the top part, its a little messy too. Curved organic shape, how would I go about modelling this shape, workflow, commands used etc ? Are there any tutorials for modelling similar forms ? screenshot attached, tia