Reorder reference point list

Hello guys

I am new to data management in GH. I recently encounter a problem on sorting of referenced point list.
Attached is a cloud points that were generated from some other algorithm by GH. I need to create an interpolated curves along the horizontal direction. However, due to the point sequence already messed up within the cloud, I cannot do much.
It seems like there is some sort of identification tied to individual points? Is there any way I can clean those points so I can start from fresh so I can make partition list and draw some structured horizontal curves?

I hope you guys can help me on this.

Thanks in advance!

No one can touch this unless you post a GH file containing these points.

There is no “identification tied to individual points”, the numbers simply represent their sequence in a list. They probably can be sorted into a more logical sequence but one always has to ask, how did they get so messed up? It looks like there is a gap starting at the third row from the bottom (point #30) that continues diagonally to the last row at the top. There is a reason for that so knowing the history and original geometry is always helpful.

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