Rendering Prep and Filesize

Hey guys,
My friend wants to render this in Keyshot.
I dont know how to use Keyshot. Is there any way to better export this for Keyshot? He said something of too many Polygons and hes not able to assign materials to the different faces…

Also, is there any way to reduce the 3dm filesize? (8.8 MB)


Hi Paul - there are a couple of things that could help -

  1. There are some complicated ‘knots’ tieing off the rope or elastiic here

Those could be removed for renedring.

  1. There is a bad object, which probably does not come into play here very much but could be fixed.

  2. The thing that will make the biggest difference, so far, is to edit the blocks (BlockEdit command) that make up the wheels and tires - if you join all the separate faces in the wheel into one polysurface, the polygon count will go way down. Same for the tires.



Thanks Pascal!
I’ll give it a try!