RemoveMultiKnot requests

Both V5 & V6 Help for RemoveMultiKnot state: “removes multiple but not fully-multiple knots from curves and surfaces.”

V6 now removes fully multiple knots from curves only.


  • Allow _RemoveMultiKnot to remove fully multiple knots from surfaces as well.
  • If this functionality will not be added for surfaces, at least report when fully-multiple knots do exist. V6 currently states “One object had no multiple knots” for a surface with fully-multiple knots.
  • For both curves and surfaces, add a kink angle tolerance option for whether to remove fully multiple knots. Refer to V6 RhinoCommon’s BrepFaceList.SplitKinkyFace.

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I’m totally on board with this request. And I’ll add another: is it possible to create a kink anywhere one wishes to in a surface or is it limited to along a isoparm? In other words, may I create a chine in a hull form where I wish to or must I be confined to the located of isoparms?

Hi Robb- adding a kink (fully multiple knot) to a surface has to be along an isocurve.

Steve, I added


I realize from my days of using FastYacht, that chines had to follow isocurves. I only wish there was a way in which to introduce a chine anywhere in a surface while keeping the surroundings fair. I know it’s possible to split a surface to create a chine and hope that the geometry will line up fair.