Relaxation surface attached to curves


Does anyone in here know how to make a relaxed surface which is attached to the curves in the picture? I’m striving to achieve a result looking a bit like picture nr. 2, which I have just drawn. Thanks in advance!


[First of all you will need to convert your surfaces into meshes or create meshes between your corner points.

I’ve attached a simple example where you can specify tension on naked and interior mesh edges separately. (69.1 KB)]

If you need more help, please post your Rhino file with the surfaces.


@martinsiegrist Thank you, it looks like what im going for :slight_smile: Could you try to show me if you can add a curve (the blue on the picture) ad make the surface attached to that one as well?

Please post your Rhino file. It’ll be easier.

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@martinsiegrist Here :slight_smile: I also need to make a surface from the bottom curve, up onto the outer top curve. Can you help with that as well? :slight_smile:
Help forum.3dm (651.0 KB)

Like this (41.4 KB)

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