Relationship between points

In the image the black points are static and do not move, I now want to find the X,Y,Z differences between each pair of red and black points, so far so good.

Now I want to move the red points and I want the X,Y,Z values to update real time so looking for the relationship between each pair of points.

I hope to use Python for this and looking for a little guidance as to whether this is even possible or not. I had hoped that “Text Field” with real time update might be possible but cannot find any Python commands.

All suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated.

Are your points already paired up?

How would the non-sticky points move? What’s the driving force behind the movement?

The movement would be purely manual, select the points and drag to move, sorry I should have clarified that.

Why not using grasshopper for this?

Purely for ease of use for other people who have very little experience of using a CAD package just to get them being productive as quick as possible, maybe as their experience grows then I will introduce GH.