Region union: "Solution exception:Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Hi everybody,
i am working on a GH definition to generate G-Code for milling 3D models.

I have some troubles with the “Region Union” component: Randomly i get this error:
“Solution exception:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
With some input sliders (like tool diameter) it works well, with some not.

Will somebody please have a look at my definition?
Maybe i am just having a black out finding my mistake…


(The component in question is almost at the end) (329.0 KB)

You need to flatten curves list and use the same count of curves for distances

thanks, but i need to offset all of the curves with all of the distances.
The component which creates the error ist the “Region Union”!

You need first fix that and decrease the offset distance than you can use region. (312.7 KB)

Yeah thanks, but that’s not what i need.
The problem is that the Region Union component behaves strange:
Try setting Tool diameter Slider to 2.0: everything’s fine.
Increase it to 3.0, the component won’t calculate some of the curves…

Any other ideas around?

In the mean time i checked the offset curves for gaps. i found out that the offset curve component creates open curves although the original curves are perfectly closed! so there are some (!) open curves among the offset ones which makes it impossible to run region union…
I will try to rebuild the curves and ser whether this helps.

Solved: Using Clipper now for polyline offset. Perfect!