Region intersection

I want to do region intersection between cube ans sphere, but it’s not working. How can I do that?

Because Region Intersection works with curves. What you need to use is Solid Intersection.

Thank you so much,
I have another question. How can I move a shape from rhino while I have created it from Grasshopper?

Right click on the component, then bake… that´s if I understand your English.

I suggest you watch a couple of simple tutorials on Youtube just to have a general idea about how to use Grasshopper. You will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Then move to a bit more advanced stuff. In my experience it doesn´t take much time to reach some decent level of skills.

Ok Thank you

Not necessarily. Some people have more aptitude than others for algorithmic thinking, and most important, the ability to explore new territory methodically and learn effectively. Others, not so much. Some only look for magic “commands” to get a task done without ever understanding the underlying principles. These are general comments, not directed at @zalkhali1 specifically.

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I think that’s a proclivity in any area of human endeavour :slight_smile: