Refreshing the parameter UI

I’m using the built-in parameter UI. I listen to parameter changes and when the user changes a parameter I store the value to local storage. When the model is reloaded I restore the parameter values from local storage and call api.parameters.updateAsync. The model recomputes just fine but the number inputs still reflect the default values of the model. Dropdown and color picker inputs do reflect the updated values though. Are the bindings working this way on purpose? How might I update the number inputs? (besides trying to look them up in the DOM by the parameter id)

I couldn’t reproduce the problem after a few tests. Are you updating all parameters in a single updateAsync() request or one by one in separate requests? That could potentially be an issue. Otherwise could you provide a sample of the code you are using, or even a test page where the problem happens?

Turned out this was due to me using viewer version 2.13.0. Upgrading to 2.15.0 fixed the functionality.