Referring to Rhino/Grasshopper in scientific papers

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Hi all,

I have read so many papers that mention the use of Rhinoceros. It makes me cringe that there is no rigorous (or fixed) way of naming it. I have seen everything: “Rhino”, “Rhino3D”, “Rhino 3D”, “Rhinoceros”, “Rhinoceros3D”, “Rhinoceros 3D”. Same with Grasshopper by the way. And when it comes to plug-ins, it just becomes a mess. What would be the best wording? Maybe I am just a control freak…



When hashtags are involved #Rhino, #Rhinoceros and #Grasshopper do not work at all… And #Rhino3D is more often used than #Rhinoceros3D while #Grasshopper3D is (much) more often used than #GH3D.

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Since when do we use hashtags in scientific publications?


since internetz

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I recommend #rhino3d since we do have it trademarked and it won’t get confused with saving Rhinos or Rhino Records, etc.

I’ll add a it to our trademark page.


While you’re at it @bobmcneel:

When the Rhino graphic is printed on a white background, “Rhino” is black and “ceros” is red (Pantone 185c or RGB 255,0,0).

This no longer seems to be the current practice:

The ‘Rhino’ is now gray and the ‘ceros’ is a darker red than RGB 255,0,0…



No, just googling Rhino3D gives most results, too. So, that’s probably people’s fixed, rigorous way of naming things here.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!