Reference/modify a dxf in grasshopper/python


Is there a way to reference a DXF’s geometry without opening or importing it? Similar to the component in the Human plugin that allows you to reference 3dm files and gives you some filter options for the geometry. My goal is to eliminate the need to import and export dxf’s and do everything through grasshopper/python.

I would be happy with a python or C# solution. I’m still trying to get my bearings with using external libraries but if anyone know the library that Rhino uses to import dxf’s that would help to.

I was looking into using a python dxf library potentially. I found this library and have been looking at documentation but I’m not very experienced using outside libraries. This one for reading and writing:

I have been looking for an answer to this, perhaps it is just better to stay with the import process, but i wanted to see if anyone has tried or had a suggestion.

Thanks in advance