Reference a surface / multiple surfaces

Hi everyone,
I try to set a surface but get an error.
“Surface with ID {15f5b3af-b40d-461f-b98c-8d7443554c06} failed to load”
what’s the problem?


Please attach 3dm and gh files that produce the error.

the fileset_srf.3dm (109.5 KB)

+grashopper (3.8 KB)

Hello - your object is a polysurface, not a surface - the component is looking for a single surface.

Here is a single surface version that will load - you can make one by Loft > Straight sections of the pentagons but you must turn off CreaseSplitting temporarily to get a single surface.
set_srf_PG.3dm (74.8 KB)


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Hello Pascal,
Thanks. I get it to work in rhino 6 not in rhino 5 ? Is that correct?
Is there also a turn off creaseSplitting option in Grashopper?


Hi Maarten - I’m not sure where I made that now, in 5 or 6 but it should work in both if CreaseSplitting is turned off. I’ll check. I don’t know about turning that off via GH directly but you can no doubt make a script component that turns if off (and back on- don’t forget to turn it on when you’re all done).


thank you !!