Rectangular pipe

I am sorry if it is a simple question, but what is the fastest way to swipe a rectangular profile along many curves (lines), that all lie in different planes and have different directions. Is it with gh? Thanks!


Yes, I’d say GH would be a fast way to do this. Here’s a definition that just needs curves assigned to the curve component. (8.0 KB)

You can try one of these two older scripts from my library, but they cannot necessarily guarantee the orientation of the profile along an arbitrary 3d curve. For the profile pipe script, the profile should be a closed planar curve drawn on the XY plane, the world origin is the reference which will be oriented perpendicular to the pipe curve at its start point. the rectangular pipe script does not need a pre-drawn profile, just length and width.


MultiRectPipe.rvb (1.8 KB)

ProfileMultiPipe.rvb (2.0 KB)


Can you help code by python script with solution of this. I want swipe with any closed curve profile along many curved(line)
Thank you so much!

Hi, you can find 4 scripts with instructions here… --Mitch


Thank you !