Rectangular Array with randomly selected breps? [Solved]

which components should I use to place randomly selected breps into a rectangular array?

The goal is to populate a surface with randomly selected breps.

my current approach is;

  1. design the breps in rhino (9 breps)
  2. create a 10x10 rectangular array of those breps, (repeating / ignoring / rotating them). [I’m stuck in this step]
  3. flow that array into a surface. [using surface-morph I guess]

*A simpler approach would be a panelling tool with randomly selected and placed panels… but I’m also lost here.


maybe this could be a start
rand (11.1 KB)

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Thank you very much, It works smoothly.

I forgot to mention that the breps should be rotated to 0, 90, 180, -90 only…

I can’t manage to tell the Random component to rotate the breps at intervals of 90 degrees only.
I’m using the Panel component, but defining the angles doesn’t limit the random range.

replace the random component with repaeat list and jitter

Thanks again,

I’m almost there… rand dist _ (16.5 KB)

it looks like angles do not correspond to the specified values,
are they relative to something else other than the 360 degrees of a circumference?

in the image: value set to 90 = rotation different than 90 degrees

I think right click on the plane rotat A input and set to degree

fantastic! it worked beautifully.

Thanks for your help.