Rectangle dimension issue grasshopper

Hello all,

1.I have boundary rectangle of 37.07mm.
2. Inside that boundary rectangle in need 4 of different size rectangle (example image attached).
3. The problem is i need to achieve equal/same distance gap between the inner rectangles whenever i change any inner rectangle size and this should not cross the outer boundary rectangle.

For example: If i am changing the size of 2nd rectangle size other inner rectangles should automatically adjust it size to achieve equal/same distance between other inner rectangles with having fixed outer boundary rectangle.
Here i in the attached image i have shown eg: Which have all gaps between the inner rectangle are 2.02 mm in distance.

Two achieve 2.02mm distance gap equally the inner rectangle are in different size. This you can see by seeing image 1,2,3,4.

If i change image 3 size of inner rectangle and distance is coming like 3.01 mm every other rectangle also should change its shape according to it and should maintain/automate the gap as 3.01 mm between other inner rectangle. This will be keep on changing whenever i change any inner rectangle size

Fixed distance is only one and that too outer boundary rectangle size 37.07mm.
i have 2 to 3 gh file made by me for this problem but nothing relevant to this issue so i did not shared here. if anyone have problem in understanding this i am ready to provide pictorial explanation.

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