Recreating Model

Ask the people creating this :slight_smile: . Nice sculpture :+1:

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I need to recreate this model on Rhino. I’ve been trying to use weaverbird with grasshopper but that only makes the surface when I need the entire thing to be solid. Any suggestions on how to make this? Thanks! (In this case the author is dead…)


This one is also funny :slight_smile:


I need to recreate this model on Rhino. I’ve been trying to use weaverbird with grasshopper but that only makes the surface smooth when I need the entire thing to be jagged. Any suggestions on how to make this? Thanks!

must be gaudi then.

there are many young people out there striving to learn modelling. it is not a wrong approach to ask in a forum with an example image if anybody might have experience. i have read many times cynical comments from people who just make fun. if you dont want to help and are frustrated, maybe dont visit forums and spoil others attitude.

this kind of “pedagogics” is out of the ass if i frankly may say so.


If you could share the definition, that will be useful. To me this looks like a combination of pufferfish and weaverbird.

Not commenting on the banter, but to be fair it is in the guidelines of this forum:

Specifically this

Many of us like to help, but it’s good to see effort on our part being matched by effort on your part. Questions in the form of “ I need to do X but cannot be bothered to try and learn the software ” will (and should) go unanswered.

Similarly, questions in the form of “ How do I quickly recreate this facade that took a team of skilled professionals four months to figure out? ” have a very low success rate.

Also OP says he tried some stuff so he should post it like guidelines suggest

If you have a gh file you have a question about, attach it to the post. Do not expect that people will recreate a file based on a screen-shot because that’s a lot of pointless work. It’s also a good idea to remove everything non-essential from a gh file. You can use the Internalise Data menu option to cut everything to the left of a parameter:

@ifle7516 from your post it seems you have something but without thickness. Without seeing how far you have gotten all I can suggest is to look at thicken mesh from weaverbird. You could do this whole tower by cell and boxmorph logic via minimal surface type cells pretty easily, take a look at the Pufferfish example files as there is some stuff in this flavor.

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yes, but these are neither official even though quoted a gazillion times, nor are they rules as he writes. tbh reading this everytime somebody cluelessly chimes in here being wacked with a “here is how we role in this forum” attitude stimulates the breakfast in my stomach with upwards vectors.

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Guess it depends on the intent of the quote to that post. I post it often and sometimes people get mad, it is what it is. I am not trying to make anyone mad, I am trying to get them to get the help they want. It would be nice to see how far @ifle7516 got before diving into this with no info only to find out after all that effort that they really wanted or meant something else or had a different direction (which happens so much).

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i understand you. quoting out these sure helpful guidelines unfortunately became more like a fending off sport, it is rather being abused than used sufficiently.

also please dont forget that i am actually responding to @TomTom behaviour who indulged himself in making fun out of this topic.

I’m not frustated, I was actually making a bit of fun. A bit harsh yes, but the question’s undertone can also be read as naughty. He/She is actually asking for a copy and paste without zero effort.

I just wanted to address the inappetence in actually trying to get things done. There are hundreds of such threads and 100s of quotes to the forum rules can be found.

Its not about asking dumb question, because there are no dumb questions, but indeed there are naughty ones!

hmm naughty. well picasso seems to have said bad artists copy, great artists steal but for whatever reason he wants to rebuild it, there is nothing illegal, and also not worth making fun, shows only the frustration.

we see a lot of such entries, to be honest they are not very inspiring to get one started into helping. still yes it is not necessary trying to altruistically cure everybody.

This seems to be a Zaha Hadid model. I couldn’t find best reference (image is a link to Flickr)

If you want to recreate it it is surely best to do it with Rhinoceros Only. Why choosing Grasshopper to recreate something ?
You could recreate it using SubD or mesh modeling.

reminds me a bit of a termite nest


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You almost got me. But then you posted the termite nest picture … :wink:

what where you trying to say, that termites are the better picassos? :wink:

i tried finding that exact project for a while, all links to that image point towards the same pinterest entries. but ok. anyway i am not very fond of Hadids projects, they look interesting, but thats mostly it. she often got criticised for developing non sustainable and and non energy sufficient blobs, but certainly she left quite an impression behind and will impact young architects and maybe designers for years to come.

No, I was making fun and you are basically saying there is nothing to make fun about. But then you posted this picture and I found it funny, because its just as pointless as my postings. So its like saying everyone should behave serious, while wearing Picasso’s mustard (to keep in relation to it). I don’t know if Hadid was a great architect or not, but she was definitly doing things with great emphasis and perfection. In order to create such models, you actually need a team with people having a strong will to understand multiple topics. You can clearly see a difference between an arbitary form created by a 10 minutes GH script or by weeks (if not months) of professional work…

you certainly made your personal motivation clear by now.

well and i think its funny that you think termite hills are funny. but you probably understood my intentions as your own, no i was not making fun, i was thinking about a derivation of this shape.

that is sure correct, and that team proceeds in creating new projects in the name of hadid group or similar if i am not mistaken.

i call it “at some point pinned suggestions”. you can call anything written in a forum official. and that is most definitely besides the point.

that is correct, but besides still being out of context what more of a info does that yield?

Ok, this will be my last post. It is sad that intelligent people like architects do need this kind of information. An academic person should know how to ask technical questions, since this is what a university is about.

Regarding the termites nest. Its not about the intention, which I do understand, but there is no relation to the question. Its just about trying to get a ready-to-use script to pass some exam or whatsover. Sure I don’t know for sure, but this is often the case. I also don’t care about stealing or copying ideas, its about asking for help but with a wrong motivation. It makes a difference to help people who want to understand, or helping people who want to get something done without any effort. Of course this is to some extend an assumption I made by the undertone of this question… but such is life. I’m usually don’t respond to such question, but this time I was actually having fun. If your diagnosis is that I’m a frustated person, then its totally ok. I was actually also enjoying this conversation to some extend :slight_smile:

thankfully how universities and education work are under strong discussion. i really would not like to format and therefor lock everybody into the same way of thinking and its resulting problems.

by making fun out of somebody who may be only looking for an entry, you already diminish the options and might spoil somebody. its neither very diplomatic nor otherwise smart let alone helpful. i found your posts funny to be honest, but i felt obliged to be a reminder of how it might not be fun for others.