Record Updates to an Initial List with Button Click

Long time reader, first time problemer.
Is it possible to update and save the list on the right with the button click, then move the sliders, click the button again and update the list again, etc.


update (7.7 KB)

If you don’t mind changing your button for something else, is maybe a Data Dam what you’re after?

Button and sliders in reality are a series of mouse clicks captured using MouseRat.
Either way looking to update the list on the right, not sure if this is possible.

I was pretty sure I’d needed this in the past, found this, courtesy of @hebame164 :

In the example she uses a toggle, but just checked and buttons work as expected

Thank you very much for the component, this solves part of the problem, but the issue still exists when changing the indices and clicking button, that any previous other indices change is overwritten with the list on the left.

update (8.1 KB)

I’m the person with the least coding knowledge in EU, but this might work:

update (5.7 KB)

triggering record will replace the item at index y with the value at z
triggering reset will reinstate the initial list of values in x

Excellent, thanks for the help.