Receive the tree data in C#

In my C# script, the grasshopper “DeconstructBrep” is used with Rhino.NodeInCode class,but when I want to receive the edges of the Breps, there is only a list I have get:

            var brp_de_func = rd.Components.FindComponent("DeconstructBrep");
            var brp_de = brp_de_func.Delegate as dynamic;
            var bound = brp_de(fragment)[1];

fragement is the surface list with some surface;
and the “brp_de” func should have 3 outcomes, and with [1] is the edge-out,is it right?
so how can we get the edge-out datatree?

I would strongly suggest to master Brep Connectivity. For a start using SOLELY RC Methods try to do as many Conn Trees (out of the 9 possible) as you can:

BTW: A rather naive way to get Edges as Outer/Inner Loops (the 100% wrong way to cut the mustard: i.e. with no Conn data this is the art of pointless):