Rebuilding curve - control points preview?

is it possible to preview control points when rebuilding a curve?

The closest is RebuildCrvNonUniform with a max point count set. The points seen are on the curve, so the resulting control points will be close to these but not in the same spot and not on the curve itself.

Why would it matter? What would knowing the location of the control points solve for you?
Here’s why I ask: Control points are not part of the curve definition. They are “cooked up” for editing purposes.

Rebuild and RecuildCrvNonUniform are strongly biased to maintain the shape of the existing curve. You are shown the location of the maximum deviation from the curve and how much it is at that point so you can adjust settings.

I’m wondering if this might be scriptable with a custom display conduit… You can do this more or less with Grasshopper… Of course, you have no control over the actual placement of the points in any case.


Thank you Brian!

It is always good to have a visual feedback in order not to repeat the same operation several times to get the desired result. Thanks.

Thanks Mitch!

Because when rebuilding for a minimal number of control points, it helps if those points end up exactly where you need them.